UCICA member can report/post such activity in his/her knowledge with evidence for public protection and awareness. Once posted/reported public or the alleged party may comment on this page and share their experience, evidence and thoughts. 

  • 7 Jun 2017 1:10 PM | Bohdana Stepanenko-Lypovyk

    Unfortunately, non-Canadian residents has a higher chance to get into fraudulent immigration consultancy schemes. The biggest concern is that Canadian authorities are unwilling to open cases for the fraudulent immigration consultancy schemes especially if non-residents are involved. One of our family friends got into a such fraudulent immigration consultancy scheme and we were ready to help him to file a complaint to CBSA and police in regards to this matter. However, police and CBSA told us that they will not take any actions unless a victim is in Canada. We started the investigation by ourselves and found another 8 victims of the same fraudulent scheme. Some of the victims are in Canada. Moreover, an licensed immigration consultant also was impacted by the scheme however have never filed a complain to CBSA or police. 

Unauthorized practice reports

Reporting unauthorized activity:

This action is very important to protect our profession, credibility, and the public interest.

Unauthorized activity has a very broad definition and it is our duty to disclose it without any fear. If we look at our profession and practice, this activity could be defined in the following ways:

1-   Ghost consultants not authorized but practicing Canadian law anywhere in the word, and no one can do anything about it, even the governments and licensing bodies,

2-   Licensed consultants or other legal professionals involved in unethical and illegal advice or practice,

3-   Licensed consultants or other legal professionals being duped by agents and ghost consultants. 

There are other activities and tools happening in the scope of our practice, such as unexpected activities and responses from government agencies or offices, so let’s share this information as well; it may assist your colleagues to mend their communication for the client’s best interest.

For example, you may have experience and interaction with staff of your license-issuing body, such as a law society or federal or provincial regulatory body, and you want to share your experience—we have a blog/forum page for that as well. Feel free to express your experience and opinion.


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