(LAR) Legal Assistance & *Representation (for **RCIC)

In this program UCICA Support Group may offer and provide legal assistance to eligible RCIC's via a team of legal professionals to assist in dealing with active disciplinary investigation or a hearing before the Complaint Committee or the Disciplinary Committee of the ICCRC during the transition period of Bill-C97  getting into the College when is in effect. Now UCICA members should have no fear at all when dealing with a complaint, by having a *free or low cost legal assistance or *representation;

RCIC should know what new has been added in the new legislation in the process of getting parliamentary approval which may affect the status of the current member of the ICCRC facing an investigation or complaint hearing at a time or during a transition period. The current investigation or complaint if not dealt properly may be carried forward as is to the new system and may have serious consequences.  Now will be the time when RCIC in such a situation requires an honest legal advice, assistance or representation to protect his/her reputation and practice? Imagine: a simple issue related to any of the new enforcement may trigger a warning, caution, and subsequently a massive fine or suspension of license. A majority of the RCICs have no legal background and are forced to either plead guilty or accept the charges, and then their name will be on the ICCRC website.  If this happens to a lawyer, he/she considers their career has ended or is done, because no client will trust them anymore and the other lawyers will print and save that record to show clients.

All RCICs need serious legal assistance or representation to deal with all matters when it happens to protect his/her reputation and status. Finding and hiring a legal representative who is trained in regulatory complaints is not easy or cheap. Regulatory complaints properly represented by a legal professional may cost an RCIC around $5K to $25K.

UCICA is the only support group which is truly working to protect the RCICs and their interest as well as the public.

Keeping in view current needs for legal protection when needed, UCICA is introducing this new program for RCICs which will not only make their life easy in such situations but also give peace of mind that their rights are protected. When an RCIC receives a letter of caution or warning or a complaint from the regulator, all that is required is to forward it to a designated legal professional who is fully authorized to represent you in that matter, no matter wherever you are, in Canada or overseas.

*at a very nominal cost to cover the disbursement only. No membership or such subscription required. 

** To avoid any conflict of interest: An RCIC who is a current or former members of the CAPIC or ICCRC Board of directors/officers or staff at any level are not eligible. They should seek assistance from their own related bodies.

Procedure and how to apply:

Click here to submit application and details

  • No membership or any other paid/unpaid subscription is required. Simply read details on this page and use above green box to submit your assessment form.
  • Once your form is received it will be assessed by a team of legal professionals. 
  • If you meat the criteria, you will be contacted via email or phone in 5 to 7 business days.
  • No support or service is available via phone or direct email at this time unless you have been advised as such
  • All information or such request must be submitted via above link/form 

This is a free and no obligation service for a member(s) of the ICCRC who meet the criteria. UCICA Support Group reserves the right to accept or reject  the application.

This service is not offered to current CAPIC member who is or was a former director/officer or member of any CAPIC or the ICCRC Committee at any level.

Limitations and basic policy disclosure:

  1. UCICA support group service under this program is not contingent on ICCRC requirements or regulations; rather it is to protect the public interest and to facilitate its subscribers in any current or new regulatory system.
  2. The free service can be offered only during a pre-hearing or investigation stage.

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