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  • 9 Jul 2017 10:49 AM | UCICA Manager (Administrator)

    The LSBC website page provides links to the judgment of the Supreme Court of BC (BCSC) and the injunction issued against the Respondent.

    This is the first case we are aware of that LSBC has taken action against a "ghost" immigration consultant for practicing law without authorization. 

    We believe not all BCSC oral judgments are publicly available or given a standard court judgment number.  

    The judgment is not posted on CanLII, nor on the BCSC judgment database.

    We don't know if this is something LSBC intends on pursuing in all cases. In any event, we believe they only take action when a complaint is made.

    Use this link for full details:


    Source " Mr. W. Macintosh BC. Lawyer"

  • 3 Jul 2017 7:56 PM | UCICA Manager (Administrator)

    Recording of this meeting is available now and accessible to UCICA members only.

    Member must be logged to access this resource: 

    Click here to access meeting video page


    This meeting was called and presented on behalf of concerned members of the ICCRC to openly discuss serious points/issues concerning the profession at the current time:

    The purpose of the July 2, 2017, meeting:

    • UCICA was arranged/called a new meeting for all eligible members of the ICCRC to participate in an open meeting to discuss serious concerns related to our the profession covering following general points and question in detail:
    • When will the new Licensing system for Immigration Consultants take place?
    • The estimated time for the ICCRC's licensing status GONE for GOOD,
    • What is going on in the minds of Government at this time?
    • What will be the new system?
    • Will ICCRC or its regime come back or be part of the new system?
    • What is UCICA’s political strategy?
    • What if members go on leave and save money by not paying the full fee?
    • How to contact the Government or the Parliament for questions?
    • What will happen to my complaint investigation or if members name is published on disciplinary action page?
    • what about notice of E & O Insurance renewal with increased premium,
    • What about ICCRC's fee annual dues,
    • What about the mandatory audit –PME,
    • Any other question,
    • Any member may ask any legitimate questions related to the profession

    There is no more time to waste, we must act NOW.   


    • Presenter and moderator from GTA - Ontario,
    • Attendees: Canada and International. (RCICs)
    Members Feed Back on CIMM Report June 16, 2017
  • 1 Jul 2017 8:06 PM | UCICA Manager (Administrator)

    UCICA Canada condemns Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) 's notice via bulletin dated June 30, 2017, to its member where the Registrar has indirectly warned members not to associate with the UCICA. 

    U.C.I.C.A. offers its member an open transparent platform to protect their rights via lobbying, advocacy, & legal support. We offer free learning, awareness & educational excellence for members and the general public. 

    ICCRC Claims itself a Government Licensing Body: Canadian Laws Prevent Public from Government Actions. UCICA Believes that ICCRC's notice to its members is a clear violation of CONSTITUTION ACT, 1982 - Fundamental freedoms: 

    "2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (d) freedom of association." 

    Members should be free to join any association or group without any fear or intimidation whatsoever. 

    Members should not be forced to join the ICCRC's ONLY lobbying partner CAPIC ACCPI which sells additional services to members for financial gains. 

    UCICA assures the concerned members of the ICCRC, that we will continue efforts for justice and accountability no matter what:

  • 30 Jun 2017 7:32 PM | UCICA Manager (Administrator)
    • The Contribution Agreement with CIC and related details;
    • Documents related to financial details associated with BOD spending and administrative expense reports;
    • Minutes of all BOD meetings since inception; Never published on the web
    • Minutes and decisions of committees & meetings; Never published on the web by the ICCRC;
    • Copies of internal memos and communications and much more.
    All information will be made public: 
  • 29 Jun 2017 5:11 PM | UCICA Manager (Administrator)

    Online 411 listings for Government offices and officers

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada officer phone listing

    Other listings

    GOC411 - Employee directory

    This directory includes most federal government departments and agencies.
    • Some departments do not list all their employees.
    • You can search by phone number or by name.
    • This site is not affiliated with the Government of Canada.
    The information is updated on a weekly basis.

    Source "http://www.goc411.ca/en"

  • 20 Jun 2017 7:38 PM | Muhammad Watto (Administrator)

    Notice of E & O Insurance renewal with increased premium, ICCRC fee annual dues, and mandatory audit -PME! ICCRC's existence as a regulatory body is only a matter fo time. According to the sources, the CIMM also wanted to have it gone as soon as possible, so the question is what to do about the financial obligation members have to maintain their license? My Recommendations: 

    1- Paying E & O with higher premium is still viable and will not lose its value. Because in the new system, this will be required again and we might not have to buy a new one at that time. In my opinion, it is not a bad deal, and we should go for it. 

    2- It is very important to maintain license status active at the current time to transfer in the new system without additional requirements. Members will have more details in upcoming announcements by the Government concerning the transition procedures. So to avoid suspension due to nonpayment of fee, just pay in installments, rather paying for a full year. This is the only way to decrease your loss. 

    3- Same with Audit and PME, Just for it and hope this will be the last one.

  • 19 Jun 2017 8:28 PM | UCICA Manager (Administrator)

    From Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

    June 19, 2017 – Ottawa, ON – Today, Bill C-6, an Act to amend the Citizenship Act and make consequential amendments to another Act, received Royal Assent.

    Changes to the Citizenship Act reflect the Government’s commitments to streamline the citizenship process, enhance program integrity, and repeal certain provisions of the Act that treated dual citizens differently than other Canadians. Some changes to the Citizenship Act take effect immediately upon Royal Assent, while others take effect at later dates to ensure the necessary regulatory changes and departmental preparations are in place for a smooth transition for applicants.

    As of today, applicants are no longer required to intend to continue to live in Canada once granted citizenship, providing more flexibility to Canadians who may need to live outside of Canada for work or personal reasons. Immediate changes also include repealing the ability to revoke citizenship from dual citizens convicted of crimes against the national interest. Dual citizens living in Canada who are convicted of these crimes will face the Canadian justice system, like other Canadian citizens who break the law.

    Some of the changes that are expected to take effect later this fall will give more flexibility to both younger and older eligible immigrants to obtain citizenship. These changes include reducing the time permanent residents must be physically present in Canada to three out of five years, instead of four out of six years, before applying for citizenship; amending the age range for people to meet the language and knowledge requirements for citizenship from 14-64 years to 18-54 years; and counting some of the time applicants spend in Canada as temporary residents or protected persons toward their physical presence requirements for citizenship.

    Other changes that are expected to take effect next year include strengthening the citizenship revocation process by having the Federal Court as the decision-maker on most cases, thereby enhancing the procedural fairness of the process. For a complete list of changes made to the Citizenship Act and when they take effect, please read the Bill C-6 Backgrounder.

  • 19 Jun 2017 1:36 PM | Muhammad Watto (Administrator)

    I have reasons with evidence to believe that the ICCRC BODs have filed several documents and affidavits in Canadian Court with intent to mislead (see definition of perjury, below), knowing that the statement was false.

    ICCRC sought legal assistance to prepare and file this information, and decisions/settlements were made accordingly to deal with legal questions and jurisdiction which may have harmed my interest and the administration of justice in the process.

    The evidence is a documentary, very clear and undeniable:

    Members may access The related evidence of perjury: 

  • 19 Jun 2017 11:17 AM | UCICA Manager (Administrator)

    On Friday, June 16, 2017, the ICCRC briefly informed membership via email blast message about its view in CIMM recommendations. In that message, the ICCRC also promised membership that it is going to contact them again on Monday, June 19, 2017, to share its detailed policy statement on CIMM recommendations.

    Well, today on June 18, 2017, another mainstream News Media Tornot Star has released its report based on the much detailed investigation. Members are encouraged to read following highlights and then click on given link to read the full investigative report and make their own judgement. Perjury related matter is highlighted in bold.

    "By NICHOLAS KEUNGImmigration reporter Sun., June 18, 2017

    "Dean, the board member who was removed after speaking to the parliamentary committee, is also critical of the regulator’s outsourcing of its discipline and investigations operation to a company called NR Complaint and Discipline Solutions Inc., which is registered to the wife of ICCRC’s director of complaints and discipline, Robert Kewley.

    “The government told ICCRC that they were the regulator, and the ICCRC turned around and has given the power and a big cheque every month for many years to the private corporation,” Dean told the parliamentary committee. “None of us directors were even allowed to ask questions about it, because it’s the black box.”

    A contract between Kewley’s company and ICCRC obtained by Dean and viewed by the Star showed it was paid $12,500 a month for the service. Kewley, when reached at his home office, wouldn’t confirm the amount but said he was paid a monthly flat fee by the regulator from 2011 to 2015. He has an ongoing contract with ICCRC that expires later this year. He refused to disclose the new terms.

    Barker, of the ICCRC, said many professional regulatory bodies, especially the smaller ones, contract investigative work to a third party in the early stage after their formation. The regulator planned to move the operation in-house later in 2017, he added.

    From the get-go in 2011, he said, Kewley was retained as a contractor to lead the investigation and complaint intake. “He is not, nor has ever been, an employee,” said Barker.

    Kewley, a former Mountie, told the Star his company had three other retired RCMP officers as investigators and the business was registered to his wife for taxation reasons."

    "Almost six years after its inception, the organization is again dogged by the industry’s old demons. So-called ghost consultants, or unlicensed agents, are still operating and criticisms about transparency surrounding its finances are being raised."

    "In an email response to the Star, Lawrence Barker, the regulator’s registrar, said the council is financially-sound and has established $3.5 million in reserves without incurring any expenses to taxpayers."

    "In 2004, the federal government put up $1.2 million to create the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, a self-regulatory body that everyone hoped would instill a sense of professionalism and faith in a business with a notorious reputation.

    "Despite the good intentions, Ottawa decertified the regulator in 2011 following complaints about mismanagement and poor governance, and replaced it with another self-regulatory body, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), based in Burlington."

    We the members believe that the report is factual and reflects the true facts and faces of "actors" who were responsible for governing the profession.

    Please use this link to read the full report

    Based on this new evidence coming to light today, I personally believe that the ICCRC's Registrar Mr. Larance E Barker and Former CEO Mr. Bob Brak has committed a perjury. A serious crime in Canada.

    Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46)


    • 131 (1) Subject to subsection (3), every one commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes before a person who is authorized by law to permit it to be made before him a false statement under oath or solemn affirmation, by affidavit, solemn declaration or deposition or orally, knowing that the statement is false.

    More details and evidence to follow;

  • 17 Jun 2017 9:01 PM | Muhammad Watto (Administrator)

    There are two main parties to blame for the unavoidable demise of ICCRC. The Bad Actors on the Board on one hand and their actions/inactions are well documented.

    On other hand the real culprit and Villain most responsible for ICCRC's demise are one: Ms. Gabrielle Fortin being the main character and names of others will follow in separate articles soon.

    According to the sources; “Ms. Fortin was the one who was the deciding vote against Ryan Dean” and his removal from the Board and ultimately ICCRC abandoning all hope of turning back from their misguided ways.

    Had Mr. Dean stayed Mr. Daw would have been removed as Chair and the ICCRC would possibly had another chance because it would have taken another course.

    According to the sources; “One hour before the vote Ms. Fortin was an ally of the profession but at the moment of truth she abandoned her allies, her word and values.”  

    Members who supported her in election being a new Candidate and what she was promising in her election campaign believe that by doing so she has brought loss of trust to herself.  We expected the Bad Actors to do what they did but we did not expect Ms. Fortin to betray and shock all of us.

    According to the sources; “The next day Ms. Fortin was wondering aloud in an email if she should be worried about her actions and her liability.” Documented communication will be released at UCICA platform soon for all members to view and download.

    Ms. Fortin essentially implied that she did not do her fiduciary duty, that she knew that she had done wrong, that the membership was enraged, and that she is a bona fide quitter.

    According to the sources: another Director “Ali Belbachir was so sickened by Ms. Fortin that he could not even speak about it for days.”  

    Ms. Fortin we the members who supported and voted you ask you WHY YOU BETRAYED US. Where was your Good Conscience? Do you have any answer? Can you face members in next AGM? I can hardly wait to see that happen.

    All we needed to have good leaders, honest, competent and character full members to run our profession. It is so sad that Government g and public lost trust in our profession all because of these “Bad Actors”

    Members can hardly wait to see regain this trust by way of being regulated via the new system under the control of Government.

    Access to evidence for UCICA member

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