The unavoidable demise of ICCRC

17 Jun 2017 9:01 PM | Muhammad Watto (Administrator)

There are two main parties to blame for the unavoidable demise of ICCRC. The Bad Actors on the Board on one hand and their actions/inactions are well documented.

On other hand the real culprit and Villain most responsible for ICCRC's demise are one: Ms. Gabrielle Fortin being the main character and names of others will follow in separate articles soon.

According to the sources; “Ms. Fortin was the one who was the deciding vote against Ryan Dean” and his removal from the Board and ultimately ICCRC abandoning all hope of turning back from their misguided ways.

Had Mr. Dean stayed Mr. Daw would have been removed as Chair and the ICCRC would possibly had another chance because it would have taken another course.

According to the sources; “One hour before the vote Ms. Fortin was an ally of the profession but at the moment of truth she abandoned her allies, her word and values.”  

Members who supported her in election being a new Candidate and what she was promising in her election campaign believe that by doing so she has brought loss of trust to herself.  We expected the Bad Actors to do what they did but we did not expect Ms. Fortin to betray and shock all of us.

According to the sources; “The next day Ms. Fortin was wondering aloud in an email if she should be worried about her actions and her liability.” Documented communication will be released at UCICA platform soon for all members to view and download.

Ms. Fortin essentially implied that she did not do her fiduciary duty, that she knew that she had done wrong, that the membership was enraged, and that she is a bona fide quitter.

According to the sources: another Director “Ali Belbachir was so sickened by Ms. Fortin that he could not even speak about it for days.”  

Ms. Fortin we the members who supported and voted you ask you WHY YOU BETRAYED US. Where was your Good Conscience? Do you have any answer? Can you face members in next AGM? I can hardly wait to see that happen.

All we needed to have good leaders, honest, competent and character full members to run our profession. It is so sad that Government g and public lost trust in our profession all because of these “Bad Actors”

Members can hardly wait to see regain this trust by way of being regulated via the new system under the control of Government.

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