U.C.I.C.A. For The RCIC

U.C.I.C.A. is an independent support group offering its supporters or members an open and transparent platform to protect their rights via lobbying , advocacy and legal support. U.C.I.C.A. fosters professionalism and work ethics via learning , awareness and educational excellence for its members and the general  public.

Current Objectives:

  • Organize and Unite members for common goals;
  • Advocacy for an equal and fair treatment for all;
  • Advocacy and voice in the new system;
  • Advocacy & Demand for Lower Membership fees; 
  • Demand for 100% Free CPD programs via College;
  • Publicly exposing every actor who worked for self interest and against the members interest;
  • Openly exposing corruption, fraud and in-justice in the profession;
  • Access to important information related to members and public interest;
  • Free education and awareness for members during transition;
  • Free legal support for members during transition;
  • Exposing all actors and organizations who have or will be taking any direct or indirect advantage of members at any level;

UCICA Support Group also offers the following;

  • Watch out for membership’s true and unconditional interest for FREE;
  • Real and true representation via competent, bold, honest and open-minded leadership nominated by the senior members with no self-interest;
  • Impartial and independent, with no direct current or past connection or affiliation whatsoever with any regulatory body or lobbying group or government, or with anyone who is working against it;
  • With mission to protect membership and its interest at all levels;
  • With goals to raise membership status and credibility bar at the national and international level so high, that for the public and authorities there should be no apparent and professional difference between RCIC or members of any law society when representing clients before any forum;
  • With goals to protect membership rights;
  • With practical resources to use preventive, not punitive, measures when educating membership for the best interest of the public;
  • Can represent membership and act as a voice for them at all forums.

UCICA *Membership is 100% Free and without any obligation when offered or available

*USICA Support group reserves the rights of membership


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