Court Fight Continues for Transparency & Accountability in Profession

Members Right To Information - The Regulator's Accountablity and Transparancy 2011-2018

Since 2013, the public and the membership has demanded an OPEN and an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION on major affairs and activities of the Council, including financial spendings, the complaints and discipline process, and undisclosed indirect third-party payouts to private contractors, since inception.

The public and membership have tried their level best to fix the issues and bring about justice and fairness in the current regulatory regime, by way of a following the legislation and democracy; but all efforts were either summarily denied or refused to be considered by a few actors controlling the system, as this is their mom-and-pop business.

Members who raised voices for transparency and accountability were harshly punished or persecuted.

Several requests were made to the Government of Canada at every level. The Government refused to take any action even after , recommendations of a parliamentary committee to change the system for public protection.

Finally, member(s) had no choice but to ask the judiciary to investigate the Council's affairs and activities.

The following steps have been taken in this process:

As our fight continues, we can expect to spend funds on legal costs before it is over. 

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Matter One:
Application to the Federal Court: for leave and judicial review  
Requested Remedy:  Determination that the Council's disciplinary panel has/had the jurisdiction to conduct a disciplinary hearing against the applicant (member) and some other grounds having an objective interest for all members. 

The outcome as of November 25, 2018: 
  1. - Injunction granted by the Federal Court on August 28, 2018;
  2. -Reasons for decision dated August 28, 2018, announced on September 5, 2018;
  3. - Leave granted by the Court on November 13, 2018; 
(Copies of all decisions attached in above links).

Trial date:  February 19, 2019

Possible Benefit to the public and objective benefit to the membership:
It is alleged that since inception, the Council has been adjudicating public complaints against its members contrary to the legislation—not following its own rules, regulations and mandate at all; or being biased and by applying the same to benefit its own interest or interest of the directors and officers. 

The Federal Court application will make its determination and if relief is granted it will set a precedent for all previous and future disciplinary decision(s) for all members and the public.

As our fight continues, we can expect to spend funds on legal costs before it is over. 

We need your help to meet the staggering costs of these cases for an objective interest;

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Justice for accountability, transparency and to protect our profession

Matter Two:
Application to the Superior Court of Justice: Under section 242, of CNPCA (Canada Not For Profit Corporation Act).  Asking the court to investigate the affairs and activities of the corporation since inception.

Requested Remedy: To determine and order accordingly if the Council has been: 

  1. -Handling the affairs and activities contrary to the legislation and contract with the Government;
  2. -Not applying its mandate and articles of the corporation;
  3. -Not meeting the member's expectations;
  4. -Not being transparent;
  5. -Not being accountable;
  6. -Oppressive actions against members who challenge its policies and affairs; and other
 Court dates:
  • -Application filed on May 29, 2018;
  • -Application transfer to the Toronto Commercial List on September 4, 2018;
  • -Discoveries completed on November 12, 2018;
  • -Trial date set for January 24, 2018;

Discoveries: Total twelve witnesses have been examined including directors, officers of the ICCRC and affiants: The evidence is overwhelming; 

The benefit to the public and the membership:
The Government of Canada has designated the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) as a regulatory body to protect the public by having a fair and open disciplinary process as well as being transparent and accountable; it is applicant's and the majority of the members’ position that the Council has failed to do so and there is no other option left except to seek justice from the Court;

If requested relief is granted by the Court, the public, membership and the Government will discover the truth which the Corporation's directors and officers have been hiding behind the corporate rights and by-laws created to protect its own interest;

This is the only way for the membership and the public to hold such corporations and Government bodies accountable and to bring about justice.


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