How to sponsor your own dependent children or dependent child of your spouse or common law spouse - (3-Hour)

  • 6 Jun 2017
  • 31 Dec 2018
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Learning Objectives: 

This is one of the most sensitive classes to deal with in terms of legal establishment of genuineness and intent to sponsor children. Most immigration frauds are also linked with this category.

There are many situations and scenarios when applicants may have to either sponsor his/her own child or include a child of a sponsored partner in an immigration application.

For example, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident child is travelling outside Canada and gives birth to a child; or a PR application is approved, landing papers and a visa are issued, but before entering Canadian soil at a port of entry a child is born. This situation is not that complicated but does require due legal policy and process to follow for required remedy. There are quicker ways to complete this legal process and in some cases this process may take more than processing time.

Or an applicant wants to sponsor a spouse or common law partner who was already in a relationship and has children from previous marriage(s). This situation is much more complicated than the above, because based on respective jurisdictional legislation/laws it involves establishment of previous relationship break, child custody/ownership claims and civil documentation for the purpose of family laws of the source country as well as Canadian family laws.

It is very important for applicants to understand and assess the program policy and procedural requirements, and legal documents not only for Canadian immigration laws but also laws with respect to source country family law legislation and Canadian family laws.

There is a big legal difference between sponsoring a child under the category of your own child, and sponsoring an adopted family member under an adopted child sponsorship. This topic deals with sponsoring child categories.

In this class, attendees may learn what is legally required to sponsor a child under Canadian immigration laws and how to apply family law legislations to meet the required evidential burden.


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