How to avoid,prepare & protect against disciplinary complaint. Your rights? (A-Z Process)

  • 30 Mar 2018
  • 1:30 PM
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Mr. Muhammad Watto , B.A., LL.B. RCIC (Former member and chair of the ICCRC disciplinary and complaint committee)

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Back Ground

It is estimated that every year about one disciplinary complaint is filed against every 15-25 RCICs. Since July 2017, right after CIMM report to indicating possible deregulation of the current body (ICCRC), there is a surge in these complaints resulting in referral to complain committee or disciplinary hearing against the RCIC, regardless the nature of the complaint or if the RCIC is innocent of any wrongdoing, the goal seems to be scoring points to keep its status active and make the Government happy. Most complaints are made by clients; some are made by RCICs, ICCRC its self and a few by CIC-CBSA or judges.

Since March 2017, UCICA administration has received reports where over 35 RCICs were dupped by the corporations or individuals operating without a license outside Canada as well as few within Canada and they hired an RCIC with a license to take over the files and later the RCIC had to deal with complaints and face charges. 

Even if a disciplinary complaint results in no action taken against the RCIC, or the ICCRC is no longer a regulator, but the RCIC must defend him or herself at emotional and financial cost.

The important thing with disciplinary complaints is not to win the war, but rather to avoid the battle. A no meritorious complaint against you can hurt you no matter how innocent you are of any wrongdoing

Learning objective;

RCICs will learn the complete process and their rights in a disciplinary as well as civil action. After attending this event, RCICs may feel much comfortable rather scarred when facing such situation. Also be ready to fulfill compliance rather avoiding and facing further charges. 

Areas to cover;

  • Why complaints are filed?
  • What will be the standing of a complaint and process, if ICCRC is no longer a regulatory body by May 2018?
  • Most likely complainant(s) and how to identify them,
  • How to protect and avoid inevitable, a proactive action,
  • Understanding the regulatory and civil action process (the major legal issue)
  • Client’s rights and your rights,
  • The regulatory complaint process, walk through at current time,
  • How to prepare your defense and represent yourself to avoid further disciplinary action?
  • Powers and role of investigator (The Bylaws-Regulations,)
  • What next?
  • Possible outcome and your record
  • Is federal court intervention necessary?


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